OC Desjardins - 303 The Flying Cloud - 94th Street Oceanside
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  Sunrise - Ocean City Maryland - 303 Flying Cloud - OC Desjardins

God's gift... Our amazing find

    We purchased 303 Flying Cloud as a short sale in 2010 after many months. The unit was in grave need of fresh modernizations and upgrades. We were blessed to finally settle on the property after many months of stumbling blocks associated with the complicated foreclosure proceedings. After settlement, Tracy went to the unit and thoroughly cleaned out all remaining personal belongings from cabinets, closets, etc. Furniture was donated and a plan for complete demolition of the kitchen and other areas were in order.

    One spring evening, as a family we all drove to the condo to check the progress of the renovations. While examining the construction of the new kitchen cabinetry and countertop framing, we came across an interesting item that strangely appeared ontop of the dusty new countertop structure. We picked it up. It was a very old plaque with very special words......"Remember Me" is the essence of the message on the plaque. Person speaking those words? God. Chills ran down our spine as we read the special words outloud which essentially told us that this condo was a gift from God and to please remember Him and all His blessings in his graceful gift to our family.

    We decided, from then on, that we would share His special gift to our beloved friends and family in His honor. That being said, it is our pleasure to offer this little piece of heaven on earth to all of you. xo

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OC Desjardins - 303 The Flying Cloud - 9402 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, Maryland 21842 - 94th Street Oceanside
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